Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thankful Day 18

Gratitude as a discipline involves a conscious choice. I can choose to be grateful even when my emotions and feelings are still steeped in hurt and resentment. It is amazing how many occasions present themselves in which I can choose gratitude instead of a complaint. I can choose to be grateful when I am criticized, even when my heart still responds in bitterness. I can choose to speak about goodness and beauty, even when my inner eye still looks for someone to accuse or something to call ugly. 

Henri J. M. Nouwen

Today I am grateful for:

doing this 30 days of grateful blog posts because it is really teaching me to think positively even in the face of adversity.

a commission to make some patio cushion covers.

a commission to repair some dress zippers.

learning how to make friendship bracelets.

giving away the friendship bracelets to people I love.

the money. yeah.

the day when that Kilz primer paint smell in the bathroom goes away. ugghhh!

the new ceiling fans in the den Ryan hung last night!  Fabulous!

ok.  a new day.  here I go.

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  1. I So love the photo :)...and you of course.