Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shew...shore is dusty in here...

Excuse me while I dust the place off. shew...shew...

I need my blog. I miss it. I miss AOL journals but no use in whining. I don't like Facebook, I don't like Myspace. I'm a lost blogging soul floating around in the World Wide Web. I'm like the ghost of blogs past. Will you be my ghost of blogs future?

The garden is still doing well. Well, sort of. The carrots, onions, and canteloupes did not make it at all. Caterpillars and cheap seeds did them in. Lessons learned.

But the Sunflowers are about 6 feet tall and flourishing, the Zinnias are beautiful and multicolored, the watermelons have lots and lots and lots of leaves but no fruit. Probably too late. But I've learned that I am very good at growing beans. I have a freezer bag slap full of black eyed peas and they are coming more every day. So next year, I grow beans!! Lots and lots of beans.

Also, my tomato plants are huge but haven't flowered at all yet. Hopefully soon.

Let's see, the kids are enjoying summer vacation. Kara and Cindi both have part time jobs. Jacob is leaving for summer camp tomorrow for one week and he did swimming classes this summer as well.

My cousin Angie got married on a Harley, lol, and we had an over the hill party for my other cousin Allen. He turned 40. I turn 40 this year in Sept.

As for Ryan and I, we have had nothing but bad luck this year with things breaking and going out on us such as the car, both of them, the dryer, the a/c unit in the house, etc...Next year is going to be better for us. I just know it has to be. The Gods of good luck shine down on us, please.

I haven't been sewing all summer until this week. And the kids I watch haven't been here in months. So money is tight too. The economy has really really hurt the construction industry in particular and that is our bread and butter. So we subsist on bread and water. Well, not literally but you get the drift.

I am thinking of going back to school. I am interested in copy editing. I have no idea what the demand is for it but I'd be good at it. Now don't go back through this entry and see if I made any mistakes because I did not edit.