Friday, August 6, 2010

What will I get Myself Into today?

I'll start by getting some more hunting masks made and listed for sale. Which means taking pics and I am terrible at that part. I wish I had a photographer but for the masks are only worth $10 each and I would probably have to pay a photographer a lot more than that so I will try again myself my cheapo camera. I guess I'll go outside in the sunshine and take the pics. Might help. I also have some childrens and ladies purses to list.

Oh, guess what? I am learning to make clothes! I just bought a pattern for a really cute top. It has little cap sleeves and an Empire Waist. Sooo cute! Can't wait to make it.

I have to go now and do my QOTD on LILA. I also need to make tags for everyone which I am totally not into anymore. I have all but given up on Paint Shop Pro. Remember when I was soooo much into making tags and blinkies? I have a new love sewing machine.

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