Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another one bites the dust....

It's been another long week and I am absolutely exhausted.
I'm getting too old to do so much.
Here's the low down:

1) School started this week....all are busy as a beaver.

2) I started making all the recipes from the Lovin from the Oven cookbook by Pillsbury. Not overly impressed.... yet.

3) Got my hair and nails done. Feeling fabulous!

4) Took Cindi for Senior yearbook pictures.

5) Picked up Kara and brought her over to do laundry.

6) Had April over on Friday.

7) Had sewing Thursday through Saturday.

8) My brother Chuck passed out and fell and hurt himself???? big why???

9) My mom had a biopsy done on her results yet.

10) Haven't heard from my baby sister in quite a while....need to call her.

11) One of our customers died of a heart attack at 50. Ryan is going to the funeral today.

12) Ryan needs to get his blood pressure under control before that ends up being him....

13) My in-laws got a new dog...a shihtzu...spelling? lol Haven't met him yet.

14) Can't stop at 13 so here is 14......I'm tired!


  1. Hey....I'm glad you're blogging some. How is Kara doing out on her own? How is Mom????

  2. ((((((((((((SHELLY))))))))))))Hi there,you are always busy,just dont forget to take time for yourself. :)