Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Nightmare

I had this nightmare at about 7 AM this morning and it affected me profoundly. I know it was 7 AM because I heard Ryan leaving to take the kids to school.

In the dream, we have a baby girl and it is her first birthday. It is today, Friday, February 25. A work day for me and I had sewing to do but Ryan(my husband) walks in and says we have to have a birthday for her and starts calling people to come over and celebrate. Before I could say that I have a lot of work to do, we had a house full of people and we are celebrating the baby's birthday. I'm cooking and serving people and kids are running everywhere around the house, in and out. I walk into the living room and my uncle Ron is holding the baby and hugging her and stuff and my aunt is next to him and Ryan is talking to them. Since the baby is being taken care of, I go off into the kitchen. After a while, I come out of the kitchen and everybody is gone. There is no one home but me. So I start running around the house looking for the baby. Oh my God, where is the baby? Where is everybody? My cousin, Robert (Kay's son), casually walks into the house and says, " they found the baby in Kay's pool, you need to get out there." So I run outside and everybody is out there. There's an ambulance and cops. The cops have Jacob, my 10-yo son, in the backseat of their car questioning him. They are asking him if we ever spank him. If we had ever hurt him in anyway. He tells them we have spanked him.

I see my aunt, so I go over to her and she says, "we found the baby in the pool." I said, " how did the baby get in the pool?" She says "I don't know". They were all acting like it was my fault, like I wasn't watching the baby. So I say, " the baby is only one, she didn't just toddle 10 blocks down the street and jump the fence and jump into the pool. You guys must have taken her to your house with you?" They are all looking at me now like I'm some sort of criminal. So I start running towards the ambulance screaming and crying for my baby.......then I woke up. It was 8:11 AM. Thank God I didn't make it to that ambulance because I don't know if I could handle ....... It's now 10:21 AM and I am still shaken from this damn nightmare.


  1. I hate to have terrible dreams like that. Hope you feel better as the day moves along. Helen

  2. Thank God it was only a nightmare you had dear....justreading it make me thankful it was just that. Can imagine what it did to your day.