Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tribute to Stephen E. Poulos, Victim of 9/11

Stephen Poulos, 45, of Basking Ridge, New Jersey was killed on September 11, 2001 while working as an information technology manager at the Aon Corp. in the World Trade Center.
But according to his wife Lisa, computers were not his first love.

Stephen had a beautiful Baritone voice and studied music throughout his high school years and sang Opera for various groups in and around New York City. In the seventies he majored in music at the University of Michigan but got discouraged and gave up singing to study information technology at Columbia University. His wife Lisa said he had given up the Opera for good but he had recently taken part in discussions on the Opera Forum Online and had begun listening to Opera again and was soon moonlighting and
singing for the Brooklyn synagogue choir for the Holy days.

Stephen is remembered by his classmates and coworkers as a talented and kind man with dedication to his craft whether it be computers or music. He was known to have been a great athlete, playing basketball and running cross country in high school. Stephen was well respected by his peers and loved and missed by all who knew him, especially his close family and friends and those who knew him online in the Opera Forum who sat in the back pew of the church at Stephen's memorial service to remember the man they knew as Billybobives.

Stephen was on the 103rd floor of the South Tower when the plane struck his building. His wife said everyone she knew got out safely and it is said that he helped many find their way to the elevators and stairways but he himself was not found on any of the lists of survivors. He stayed behind to make sure everyone got out. That's a true American and I wish I could have met Mr. Poulos or heard his strong Baritone voice in concert. I'm sure he is singing with the Angels.

God bless you Stephen Poulos and your loved ones left behind as well as all the victims of September 11th and all of America.
This memorial is in cooperation and appreciation to Dale C. Roe and the Project 2996.
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  1. Beautiful and moving tribute, really nicely done. Thank you for sharing Stephen`s story.

  2. Thank you for remembering Stephen. Each is missed and mourned.

  3. That was a beauful tribute Shelly!

    Have a good weekend.

  4. I'm very proud to be a part of Project 2,996!

    We must never forget these people.

  5. I visited the memorial today and saw a fresh rose on your name. I didn't know you, but know that you are missed and I hope that you are singing with the angels.